We're here to educate

Cherish Life is prepared to tell the truths that our traditional media finds to be inconvenient. We'll tell you the full story on topics from fertilisation and development, abortion and its many consequences, IVF, the pill (you'll be surprised), right through to organ donation and euthanasia.  Students and scholars are welcome to take advantage of our fully referenced content.  We also speak in schools on appropriate and timely topics.

We're here to advocate

Cherish Life lobbies all levels of government on the life and death issues, speaking for those who can't do this for themselves.  We also run events such as the annual March For Life (previously Rally For Life), visiting speakers of note, and our annual conference with its smorgasbord of content.

We're here to resource you

Cherish Life has an abundance of educational content on this web site, including videos from our events.  We also have additional resources available for purchase.  If you want to take a stand with confidence, we have the information you need.

CLQ has no political alignment or affiliation.