Cherish Life Queensland started as 'Queensland Right to Life' after a group of citizens were concerned over what was happening in America.  They met a few times in 1969 and subsequently established the association in 1970.  We were the first pro-life group in Australia, and the pro-life movement has since spread to other states.

The historic American case Roe v Wade started in 1970.  

The first abortion business in Queensland commenced in 1978.

Back then the only life-destroying issue we were combating was abortion.  Today, science and technologies have naturally advanced and there are now so many other areas that contain the potential for demographic disaster. We now have problems that you could not possibly have imagined back when the organisation started.

We too have also grown, with many branches throughout the rest of Queensland and room for more.

Some of these issues are indeed complex, but that doesn't mean we can't all learn and engage. The good news is that we have the truth and this can be validated with science. You don't have to be a rocket scientist. It's easier to stand strong with the truth than exert the effort that goes in to constantly re-inflating lies.  

Come and join us, as many others have, in getting the word out.  It's a good thing.