A Galaxy poll of 1,003 NSW voters in May 2017 shows that the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill is far too extreme to support, going way beyond community attitudes.

For example:

  • The Bill is so extreme that it legalises abortion to birth for any reason, yet only 5% of NSW voters support late-term abortion.
  • The Bill is so brutal that it legalises abortion for any reason, including sex selection. 83% of NSW voters oppose abortion for sex selection, with only 8% in favour.
  • The Bill is anti-women, as it does not include safeguards for women such as independent counselling (supported by 90% of NSW voters), informed consent requirements (supported by 93%) and a cooling-off period (80%).
  • When informed of the current law in NSW which allows 25,000 abortions a year, 48% of NSW voters think the law on abortion should remain the same and 20% think it should be more restrictive. Only 16% think it should be less restrictive.

FULL POLL DETAILS including questions and methodology: Download Here.