Quite disturbingly and highly offensively, just a fortnight after passing the Termination of Pregnancy Bill, the Labor Government moved the Human Rights Bill 2018 which includes:

- The right to life – Section 16 states: Every person has the right to life and has the right not to be arbitrarily deprived of life. (The Termination of Pregnancy Bill effectively legalises abortion to birth in our state - entirely removing the right to life for unborn human beings).

- A right to public assembly – Section 22 states: Every person has the right of peaceful assembly. (The Termination of Pregnancy Bill imposes a 150 metre exclusion zone around abortion clinics)

- A right to freedom of conscience - Section 20 states: Every person has the right to freedom of conscience. (The Termination of Pregnancy Bill compels doctors with a conscientious objection to abortion to refer for abortion anyhow - therefore removing their freedom of conscience)

Cherish Life issued a media release calling out the Government’s sheer hypocrisy in introducing a Bill which contains a "right to life" only weeks after 50 MPs wildly celebrated at the passing of an abortion-to-birth law in Queensland.

The Legal Committee has called for submissions on the Human Rights Bill, which are due by 12 noon this Monday 26 November. Please consider making a submission on this Bill. The Bill has disturbing contradictions about protecting human life, and glaring omissions, as well as serious implications for freedom of speech as we have seen in Victoria which has the same legislation.

If you wish to make a submission or know more about it please visit the Parliament website here.