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Queensland residents draws to the attention of the house the critical lack of palliative care currently in Queensland... 

Download the PDF petition to print and sign here


Sign the petition online here (on the QLD Parliament website)

There are both PAPER and an online parliamentary e-petition.

Please share this petition far and wide - via email, social media like Facebook, and in person. Take copies to your local church and school and other groups!

TIP: If you are married don't just sign once as "Mary and Peter Smith". Each sign on a seperate line. Or if signing online, sign seperately, even if you share the same email address.



Q: Where do I return the completed petition to?

A: You can post it to Cherish Life at
PO Box 1382, Toowong BC, QLD 4066

Q: Can people under 18 years of age sign a petition?

A: Yes, if the petition is from residents of Queensland, and the person signing the petition is a resident of Queensland and they are old enough to understand what they are signing.

Q: Can a paper petition and an e-petition with the same wording run concurrently?

A: Yes.