Common Myths of the Crisis Pregnancy

Rather than remove the baby, let’s remove the circumstances that make it difficult to birth that baby.

“Abortion should be a woman’s right

The ‘right to kill’ our closest blood relatives, our offspring, constitutes a “right” to family violence. Every member of a family or community is of equal worth — no individual is of more value than another. We cannot plead for justice and rights for ourselves, and at the same time annihilate those who are the most innocent and dependent. We should support and urge non-violent alternatives and real choices to abortion. Facing such an unexpected problem, we should not abandon a woman and her child into the hands of an abortionist.

“Abortion is an essential act of a woman’s freedom”

The price of freedom should not be the life of another human being — born or unborn. Abortion represents a failure on the part of society to respond humanely to the needs of a woman in crisis because of a pregnancy arising in difficult circumstances.

“It’s her body, her choice”

The unborn child is not part of a woman’s body. He/she is a unique human being: genetically, physiologically and organically distinct from both parents. The only starting point for human life is the beginning: conception. Deny this and we deny the evidence of modern genetics and embryology. The unborn child is a fellow human — one of us — but is discriminated against because he/she is unseen, unheard and can’t plead for his/her own life. We have no ‘right’ to kill our unborn children just as we have no right to kill any other human.

“The child of an unwelcome pregnancy is a parasite”

The womb is the ‘home address’ of the totally innocent unborn child. The unborn child is nourished by the placenta. Mother and child, there by an act of nature, share the same house. The only differences between us before we are born and after we are born — size and address. Before we are born we are small and in the womb, after birth we are bigger and out of the womb.

“We don’t need laws”

Laws reflect values and have an educative role. Queensland law states that the unborn child is worthy of protection and provides a refuge of legality for the pregnant mother to cling to when being pressured to have an abortion. Protecting human life, especially in its most vulnerable forms, is considered a mark of a civilised society.

“Abortion laws discriminate against women”

If you measure importance and value by age and size (as abortion does) you are practising a ‘bigger is better’ type of discrimination. Society should reflect that every human being has full and equal protection of the law, so why discriminate against smaller and younger people?

“Women need abortion to cope with an unplanned pregnancy”

When someone says this, they are in effect saying “you can’t cope”. We don’t believe this. Unexpected pregnancies often become very wanted by the time the baby is in his/her mother’s arms. It is often the initial fear and shock that pushes a woman to seek an abortion. She needs love and continuing support to help her through the crisis, not pressure and offers of help to destroy the life of her unborn child. There is also the loving option of adoption — releasing the child to have the joy and freedom of growing with caring adoptive parents.

“Pro-lifers are only interested in the baby and don’t care about the mother”

Not true. We say that abortion is dangerous and degrading for the mother. There are numerous organisations set up to help women with unexpected pregnancies — Priceless Life Centre (PLC – and Pregnancy Counselling Link (PCL – – previously Pregnancy Help), so that they can avoid the tragedy, the defeat and the harm of abortion. Post-abortion help is also available through organisations such as Rachel’s Vineyard ( and PLC.

“Abortion should be regarded as a medical operation”

Medical operations or procedures are designed to heal and/or save lives. How can the term ‘medical operation’ or ‘procedure’ be used for abortion? Abortion results in the death of an unborn child — there is nothing medically healing about it.

“Pro-lifers are trying to impose their views on everyone”

Pro-lifers neither can, nor want, to impose their view on anybody. Pro-lifers say that all people are equal regardless of race, colour, creed, class, age or gender. By every democratic means, they want to persuade their fellow citizens of the tragedy of abortion by telling them the whole truth about it. Society must not claim the right to declare the unborn to be inferior, nor say ‘it would be better for this baby if he/she were not born’; nor claim to know that those who might turn out to be handicapped would prefer to be dead. ‘Unwantedness’ should never be justification for killing through abortion.

“Women who keep their babies lead sad and difficult lives and the children are abused”

In most cases, abused children were wanted children. Countries with freely available abortion record dramatic rises in child abuse. If society does not respect a child before birth, it will not respect a child after birth.

“Abortion is necessary for a very young pregnant woman”

It has been found that minors are more likely to feel pressure from external circumstances and to be pressured by her parents, family members, friends, her boyfriend and his parents to abort. Many young women may not be prepared for motherhood emotionally or intellectually. Rather than being pressured to abort, why not help prepare her for the birth of her child? Abortion is not the solution. Post-abortion conflict and guilt is often more evident in younger women and post-abortion cervical incompetence is also more common in the young. Many of the associated problems of youthful pregnancy can be solved without destroying an unborn baby. Adoption is a very positive alternative for the youthful mother, as is the option of fostering within the family or via the government system.

“The right to abortion is central to women’s struggle for equality”

Our first basic right is the right to life itself. If we are not allowed to live, we are unable to exercise any right to equality. A woman’s right to equality is dependent on her first having a right to her life! Approximately half the unborn children being killed are female. With approximately 100,000 abortions done in Australia each year, we are destroying at least 50,000 females annually.

“We need free, safe abortion on demand”

Can it be just or right that the taxpayer is forced to finance through Medicare, the killing of our unborn children? Abortion may be “safer” now due to the discovery of antibiotics that prevent infection, but abortion is not a ‘safe’ operation. Complications frequently include fevers, infection, bleeding and cramping. Depression is also one of the most common debilitating side-effects. Uterine rupture, damage and scarring to the fallopian tube and/or the lining of the uterus and cervical incompetence are more serious complications that may result in the inability to conceive a child in the future.

“Polls support abortion and it should be removed from the Queensland Criminal Code”

Making abortion legal does not make it moral, ethical or safe. Most people do not want abortion on demand. An Australia-wide poll done in 2005 (What Australians Really Think About Abortion) and a Queensland-wide poll done in 2010 (What Queenslanders Really Think About Abortion) show there is no consensus of opinion on abortion, with over half of those polls not agreeing with abortion on demand.