Selling Suicide Should be Illegal in Australia – Pro-Life Lobby Calls on the State & Federal Government to Stop Philip Nitschke’s Tour

The Australian pro-life lobby is appalled that Philip Nitschke, sometimes referred to as "Dr Death", is allowed to travel around Australia spruiking his latest killing machine, the Sarco. We call on the state and federal governments to restrict his activities so he can't sell suicide.

"Philip Nitschke sells suicide. His latest killing device the Sarco, which can be replicated with a 3D printer, is extremely dangerous. Just today Nitschke was on the Gold Coast freely showing off the Sarco. How and why is this even allowed, particularly in a state where assisted suicide is illegal and it is an offence to encourage anyone to suicide?" Ms Teeshan Johnson, executive director of Cherish Life Queensland said.

"The pro-life movement of Australia urgently calls on the Queensland Government and the Federal Government to restrict Nitschke's activities while he is in Australia so he can not sell or promote suicide in any way.

"Australia has a devastating suicide problem, and promoting suicide as Nitschke does, is extremely dangerous and counter-productive to suicide prevention programs.

"Nitschke has no medical registration in Australia (he burned his registration some years ago in protest to restrictions the AMA put on him so he couldn't promote suicide) and his livelihood is built on selling suicide. The trail of suicide and heartbreak behind him is well documented. What he promotes is contrary to the law and good medical practice. Nitschke's suicide promoting activities must be shut down urgently.